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Localization & Translation

We know that capturing the essence and intent In India, No One Knows Kim Kardashian! of your work is as important in your translations That's Right, Some Cultures Don't Understand Your Pop Culture References - but they still need a reference! as they are to your original. That’s why we localize instead of simply translating.

Total Casting Services

We truly care about our partner clients’ work and the end product we deliver. That’s why, as Casting Directors, we work for our clients and Do Not represent talent! We do it all! Video Games, Feature Films, TV, Animations, Ads - you name it! We source the best talent selections for your project with the budget and timelines you require.

Voice Recording

Whether you need voice recording or dubbing, synchronization services or more, we deliver    Turn-Key Services From Translation, to Casting, to Recording ! , project management and audio files organized and ready for integration.


Our Relationships With You Keep Us Motivated

With hundreds of clients repeatedly returning for business Thank You to All Of You! , Bad Words knows we stand for quality and precision. Our goal is to  ensure we deliver more Quality and Service CAN Co-Exist with Affordability! than what you think possible.

Over 35 years have joined our company in the Arts & Entertainment industry. To the maximum advantage of our clients, our team collaborates with seasoned professionals from a variety of industries.
Delivering the best in quality on time and in budget, we draw upon the combined experiences of unique individuals that have worked as talent, teachers, agents, casting directors, producers, game developers, translators and marketing professionals.
The Bad Words Mission
The Bad Words Philosophy
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We Do It All: Video Games, Feature Films, TV, Animations, Ads; Let’s Talk!

When it Comes to Voice, We Speak Volumes

  • Assigned Casting Directors to source project-driven casting selections
  • Dedicated Project Managers for easy communication and timeline control
  • Reliable, location-specific translators with proof-reading and integrity checks
  • Audio files saved and organized for easy database integration
  • Guaranteed production quality, always included
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With Millions of Localised and Recorded Words,

And Hundreds of Roles Casted Per Year,

What Do Our Clients Have to Say?

We love our clients Yep, we certainly do! and we are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. When we work together we work harder We strive to please your audiences so you don’t have to!

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say very many thanks for all your efforts for our production. Your hard work is very much appreciated.”
Penny Gordon, Elements Management
“I have great faith in Bad Words Labs, Total Casting and Helene Rousse. Her company always meets our expectations.”
Daniel Filteau - Producer, Les repères de Languirand
“Bad Words Lab and Total Casting have always provided a pleasant and cooperative working environment and will often go the extra mile to bring something unique to every production.”
Jesse Prupas - VP, Muse Entertainment