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We are a team of individuals that work in tandem, collectively bringing decades of experience to our work. This translates into seamless, reliable service for you – every single time.

We are film and television buffs, we love animé and animations, and we are hardcore, serious gamers. When we talk about loving what we do, you will hear it with so much vigour. We love taking part in the creation of the entertainment we consume every day. We have fun creating. We LOVE making people laugh. And we definitely love doing it all across the wide range of entertainment content we touch every day.

Our Mad Skills

Localization 100
Translation 100
Casting 100
Voice Recording 100
Dubbing 100

Our Experience is Our Difference

Gregg Jonasson
Gregg JonassonPresident & CEO
With decades of experience in the business of Film & Television, Gregg is a subject matter expert in Interactive Media and Video Games. If you can’t reach him, he’s probably immersed in his latest RPG or catching a new Spielberg film.
Helene Rousse
Helene RousseCasting Director
With 30+ years of experience as an actress and voice actor, Helene is an industry leader for Casting internationally. Helene steers all castings for Feature Films, TV Series, Animations, Advertisements and Video Games.
Jesse Connell
Jesse ConnellHead of Production
Conceived and raised in a radio station, Jesse has a generation of sound coursing through his veins. Boasting a double major of sorts, he spent a decade as both an on-air TV/Radio journalist with CBC (among other networks) while working as a sound engineer on projects ranging from AAA game titles, to dubbing animated series. His creative solutions, technical prowess, and an ear sharp enough to shave with, makes him a deadly weapon in any production.
Don Shepherd
Don ShepherdProducer
Years of experience both in front of the camera and behind the scenes have created in Don a master producer who excels at connecting quality content creation to the right talent and teams, on time and in budget.
Robert Rudmann
Robert RudmannProducer
Smiling with over 30 years experience in the movie industry, Robert knows the A to Z of production. A Director and Producer for over 20 years now, if it’s creative, he can produce it. When not busy recording in the studio or on set, he’s probably letting loose on the piano playing some Billy Joel and Rachmaninoff hits.
Nicolas Alacoque
Nicolas AlacoqueProducer
Nic has produced two TV series, recorded singles for promising Montreal singers/songwriters and has worked as a media consultant and business development strategist for tech companies. His background as an aerospace project engineer ensures all the details are done right.
Stefanie Wagner
Stefanie WagnerCasting Supervisor, Project Manager
With experience both in operations and administration, Stef brings strong organizational capacities to her position leading client delivery. Her modeling and artistic background ensure client understanding too.
Donna McCuaig
Donna McCuaigCasting Associate & Administration
Donna has been integral in setting up many key operations and has proven herself as a talented, reliable and ambitious professional. Her keen eye for detail, McGill business & psychology background, uncommon values, determination & heart, offer an intoxicating tonic for all. Donna’s current responsibilities include planning, coordinating, and executing special projects.