Biosand Filter recording in many languages.

Biosand Filters made EASY!

Animation Brewery and Bad Words Lab’s recording studio got together to help spread the good word about Biosand filters.

Click here to check it out. Best experience is on mobile, as these devices are more prominent in developing countries.

If you haven’t heard of them, Biosand filters are a wonderful invention that can help the lives of not millions, but HUNDREDS of millions. These many people are without clean drinking water or sanitation, and as a result, countless lives are lost to diseases.

We had the task of bringing a voice to their animation, in several languages and accents. To name a few: English and French in an African accent, as well as South East Asian, to even Creole, where a formal spelling of certain words haven’t even been ratified yet as the language is still developing. Pro Tools is such an amazing piece of software for recording studios, and with a great team of experienced personnel at the helm of this project, we were able to make quick work of the scripts provided. A great director keeping the exceptional voice talent on track and maintaining a steady pace, and a whiz engineer who was often editing the audio in real-time, as the recording was underway.

A big shout out to the Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology for their incredible work. And thank you to Animation Brewery for bringing this noble project to us. Another wonderful Canadian company to work with.