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Voice acting is a beautiful art. Would you like to be a General in the military? How about an evil temptress from the underworld? Of course, nothing is stopping you from also being a plucky grade-schooler with a passion for hula hooping. Get good enough and you could even be Robert Downey Jr. or Angelina Jolie if you start dubbing movies! All you need is imagination, and determination… and a voice demo.

A bit about myself before we get started.

I was a part-time broadcaster for 10 years, 5 on CBC TV and Radio (Canadian BBC kind of). A sound engineer as well during the past 9 years. A full time producer, specializing in dubbing since 2012, working with Bad Words Lab and Total Casting. I’ve narrated TV shows that have aired on Discovery UK, NBC Sports, usually have at least one radio or web commercial on air, and was the dialogue recording engineer on AAA game titles as well as films and commercials. Oh, and I’ve produced 100s of voice demos working with Helene Rousse and Total Casting, and seen thousands of auditions.

I would say I have a unique perspective on voice acting. I’ve been on both sides of the booth door, on all sorts of productions, and I’d like to pass along some of my insights to you over the next few blog posts and help you create your first voice demo.

Some points we will cover are:

  • Why do you want to be a voice actor?
  • What kind of work / roles would you like?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What makes a great voice demo?
  • How you can get started.
  • How you can get better.
  • Where to find work.

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