VoiceOver Insides from Shadow of Mordor Director & Star, JB Blanc

By |December 8th, 2014|

Veteran actor, director and performer, Jean-Benoit Blanc (JB) discusses his acting & directing for video games, animations, film, commercials and TV.

We genuinely shared a good time as he talked about voice acting methodology, changes in the entertainment industry and some of his experiences – namely as a performer and specifically about Telltale Games’, Game of Thrones, Shadow of Mordor and even included some advice for Indie Game Developer studios.

JB is a humble man, generous with his knowledge and greatful for his success – and the help he’s had along the way.

Read the whole transcript (below) or watch these clips for interview highlights:

** Please note: A titling error with JB Blanc’s name has been corrected from JB Benoit (1:25 PM, day of publishing)


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