A few weeks ago, Gregg and I attended Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. To say we had a blast would be a bit of an understatement… We not only met other industry professionals, but we finally met some of our customers face-to-face – some we’d only ever skyped with – and hung out with the fans.

Visiting the various pavilions truly opened our eyes to how far and wide this industry stretches. We were able to interact with colleagues from every corner of the globe and learned more about how their work fits into the game-creation process. As a translation, localization and culturalization company, we truly value the time we get to spend with people from cultures outside of our own – not to say that we didn’t meet some great people who share our culture as well! Meeting people from all around the world provided us the opportunity to take a peek into various countries’ gaming industries, the role games occupy in global communities, and how our work translates overseas (no pun intended)…

While meeting our fellow industry professionals was a fantastic experience, our favorite part of the conference was interacting with the fans – after all, it’s fans that keep this business alive! As gamers, we were able to connect with them on a completely new level; we got to hear first hand from some of the world’s most involved players what our work means to them, and in turn, what their dedication means to us.

We built lasting relationships and friendships at Gamescom with both colleagues and fans alike. It was an amazing experience and we certainly can’t wait until next year!