Project Description

KidStudio has 2 universes for kids (With Gender Stereotypes), and 1 universe for toddlers.
Lili’s Universe: (Lili is voiced by Elizabeth Walling) Lili’s Universe is for girls. Her Universe focuses for girls who love fashion, princesses, and fun!
Jack’s Universe: (Voiced by a male) Jack’s Universe is for boys. His Universe is for boys who like pirates, cars, and fun!
Wabby’s Universe: (Voiced by a child) Wabby’s Universe is focused for toddlers. His/Her universe focuses on cartoon characters and toddler-friendly stuff. Here are some stuff that he/she said:
This is the movie theatre. You’ll find lots of videos inside!
On the billboard beside the theatre, you’ll find a new feature!
To visit my studios and find other activities, click on the arrows on the sides of the screen.
You can also use the menu bar to find games more quickly.
To find out more, click on me!
Wabby’s remains still remain in Woozworld. He/She is also seen in the giant christmas tree in Woozworld.