Project Description

Xuan-Yuan Sword (Chinese軒轅劍, literally “Sword of Yellow Emperor“)[1] refers to a series of Chinese role-playing video games for personal computers developed by DOMO group of Softstar Entertainment Inc. based in Taiwan. These games are based on pre-history Chinese mythology, as well as history-based storylines around Qin DynastySui DynastyTang Dynasty, etc.

In the time beyond record, the “Xuan-Yuan Sword” is created by Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor of ancient China to defend the ancient Chinese against warlord Chi You and his aggressive subjects. After Chi You was killed by the Sword, the five-thousand-year-old history of China began, and the Sword was passed on from Huangdi to heroes alike to continue to defend the nation against evil. Due to its great power, however, ambitious would-be usurpers and evil warlords often sought the Sword to further their own end.

The series features the Spirit Fusion Pot, (Lian Yao Hu, 鍊妖壺 in traditional Chinese, or simply the Pot, created by the goddess Nüwa to cleanse the world. Living in the Pot is the entity Pot Lord, whose power is utilize the Pot to combine whatever non-human beings thrown into the pot, and transmute them into other creatures or items.