Localised Translation

Our Localization services capture the intent of your original content & ensure a synergy between it and your audiences’ understanding in their language and culture.

Total Casting

We maintain years’ worth of actors’ profiles, photos & demos, as well as strong relationships with agents. Choose Total Casting & we’ll find great talent – including celebrities.

Voice Recording & Dubbing

We set standards in voice recording, dubbing & synchronization; we run best-in-class studio equipment when directing, editing & recording in any language. Dubbing in all languages for your games or animated projects as well as live action.

Bespoke Solutions

Need a custom solution? We’ve worked on thousands of films, TV series, animations, advertisements & video games. We can tailor a solution for any one.

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Bad Words: We Walk the Talk

It’s really no secret that we are enthralled with what we do. Every day. Our commitment and dedication comes from the fact that we love everything about the Arts and Entertainment industries. From the Video Games we play to the Films, Television series and Animations we watch, we are constantly immersed in the new, the exciting, the adventurous and the classics, all while working on the same types of projects every day.

With decades of experience in the industry, we have super powers poised for use whenever we are casting, reviewing scripts, recording in studio or performing localized translations. We know that the key to our quality is our capacity to marry the best talent to the right roles, whether that be in terms of our project management teams or the actors we find, record and deliver to you.


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We Are What We Say

For a little more detail about our services, feel free to review further or get in touch to start talking.

Bad Words Labs understands that fitting your scripts into another regionalized context means adapting figures of speech, ideological expressions, pop culture references and, eventually, word choices that will affect the intonation or accents of the recorded lines that come to be. Over the last few decades, Bad Words Labs has implemented our proprietary CHIP™ (Content Has Integrity Protection) Protocol that ensures continuity in project dictionaries, consistency between translation teams and SME (Subject Matter Experts) Reviews. Throughout the process, your dedicated producer acts as a project manager, overseeing the various moving parts and eliminating potential time delays or  tedious review periods from your schedule.

With Bad Words Lab, you enjoy:

  • Localised translation into any language or language variety (e.g. International French vs. Quebec French or Latin Spanish vs. Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Dedicated translation teams and a Producer/Project Manager for the duration of your project
  • Access to our global partner network of translators, including the United Nations
  • Best practices through our application of the CHIP™ (Content Has Integrity Protection) Protocol

Bad Words Labs maintains a full-service casting company, Total Casting, directly onsite in our head office. With full casting society accreditations and partnerships with top film, television, animation and video game associations, we continue to cultivate relationships that drive our clients’ success. Our ties to top agents, and directly with talent themselves, ensures our capacity to deliver amazing actors, models and voice recording artists in any language. Further, if you are looking for a celebrity to add value to your production or video game, our Total Casting services are a sure-fire fit.  Today, Total Casting is an international leader in casting services for major motion pictures, animated series, AAA and indie video game titles, national commercials and advertisements, as well as online web series and ads.

With Bad Words Lab, you enjoy:

  • Full access to our casting company, Total Casting
  • Casting by photo, demo, pre-recording or audition
  • Complete accreditations and memberships with the right associations and groups:
    • CSA (Casting Society of America)
    • CDC (Casting Directors of Canada)
    • UDA (Union des Artists)
    • IGDA (International Game Developers Association)
    • FTCNM (Women in Film)

Choosing a professional studio guarantees a quality audio that is endearing to your audience, creating a better, more immersive experience. Quality voice and audio recording requires strong skills and exceptional equipment, as well as a particular capacity to direct talent according to the medium for which you are recording. Our processes are in place to provide standard recording and post-production services, as well as full synchronization services when needed. Your Producer/Project Manager organizes packing efficiency and recording schedules to best organize and coordinate delivery times, budgetary impact and service quality.

With Bad Words Lab, you enjoy:

  • Dedicated Producer/Project Manager for the duration of your project
  • Best-in-class studio equipment
  • High-end in-house protocols for packing efficiency and budgetary benefit

If you have a particular project and need some help to customize a solution for your translation, casting or audio production needs, please feel free to start a conversation. With the vast experience we maintain across the Arts and Entertainment industries, we can most certainly customize your bespoke project and tailor our services for you personally. Start Talking!

Why We Deliver

  • Assigned Casting Directors to source project-driven casting selections
  • Dedicated Project Managers for easy communication and timeline control
  • Reliable, location-specific translators with proof-reading and integrity checks (CHIP™ Protocol)
  • Audio files saved and organized for easy database integration
  • Guaranteed production quality, always included

What Client’s Say

Jesse Prupas, Muse Entertainment Bad Words repeatedly delivers great localised voice work and this can only happen because of their ability to translate our scripts so well, find exceptional talent and their unbelievable persistence when it comes to getting us voice recordings that match our original quality!
Jack Hackel, Film Director The greatest thing about working with Bad Words Lab is that it never feels like work. I am always keen on working with them because I know that whatever the project, the outcome will be great.