Voice Recording & Dubbing

We set standards in voice recording, dubbing & synchronization; we run best-in-class studio equipment when directing, editing & recording in any language. Dubbing in all languages for your games or animated projects as well as live action.

Bespoke Solutions

Need a custom solution? We’ve worked on thousands of films, TV series, animations, advertisements & video games. We can tailor a solution for anyone.

Localised Translation

Our localisation services capture the intent of your original content & ensure a synergy between it and your audiences’ understanding in their language and culture.
Bad Words Labs understands that fitting your scripts into another regionalized context means adapting figures of speech, ideological expressions, pop culture references and, eventually, word choices that will affect the intonation or accents of the recorded lines that come to be. Over the last few decades, Bad Words Labs has ensured continuity in project dictionaries, consistency between translation teams and incorporated SME (Subject Matter Experts) reviews. Throughout the process, your producer acts as a project manager, overseeing the various moving parts and eliminating potential delays or tedious review periods from your schedule.

Bad Words Lab: Casting Services For Your Needs

We hold strong relationships with agents and maintain a significant list of actor profiles, photos & demos. Choose Bad Words Lab to find you great talent – including celebrities.

Bad Words Lab: Production Masters

With decades of experience in the industry, we have super powers poised for use whenever we are casting, reviewing scripts, recording in studio or performing localized translations. We know that the key to our quality is our capacity to marry the best talent to the right roles, whether that be in terms of our project management teams or the actors we find, record and deliver to you.

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